Alpha Trades sets the benchmark for excellence in trading tools and strategies. We are dedicated to delivering world-class, unmatched products and services. Our tools and strategies undergo rigorous backtesting in real-world markets and continuous stress testing daily. We prioritize the well-being of our members and the broader trading community, leading us to be meticulously mindful of our offerings. Our core principle is: “If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we won’t offer it to you.” 

  • R#1 TradingView Indicators
  • RAdvanced AI
  • RWorld Class Support

 Core Strategies

Trend Catcher

This Innovative design combines six powerful indicators into a single comprehensive instrument. Specially crafted strategies and integrates intuitive tools like


  • Buy & Sell signals
  • Ultimate Trend Range (False Breakout Detections)
  • Trend Band (Trend Derection Scalping)
  • Reversal Point detection (Alerts for scaling exits)
  • Automatic Support & Resistance levels
  • Dedicated scalping alerts for optimized profit securing and risk management.
Trend Catcher is etc...

Market Pulse Concept

This cutting-edge technology reimagines the "Smart Money Concept" and "Order Blocks" with unparalleled precision and clarity. It pinpoints the exact areas where institutional players and large traders are likely to enter or exit the market, equipping you with crucial insights for informed trading decisions. This innovative approach isolates precise order block levels marked by significant buying or selling pressure. Each block visualizes:

    • Total Volume: Gauge the overall market activity within the block.
    • Buy/Sell Pressure: Analyze the ratio of buying and selling volume to understand the dominant sentiment.
    • Market Trend: Identify the directional bias based on the order block's position within the price chart.
    • Anticipate potential breakouts and reversals: Identify high-probability entry and exit points based on institutional activity.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics: Analyze the interplay between volume, price, and sentiment for informed decision-making.

      Momentum SniperX1

      Most accurate oscillator with exceptional accuracy for a diverse range of traders. Its innovative ribbons, adaptable across all timeframes, predict market shifts in price action, even on rapid 30-second charts.


      • Built-in divergence alerts for bearish, bullish, hidden bullish, and hidden bearish signals provide    timely insights.
      • Momentum ribbons that predict price action direction, on all time frames. 
      • Volume detection visually displays fluctuations for enhanced prediction.
      • Force Lines, marked by green and orange, denotes the underlying pressure of price action within  the market.

      Trend Dashboard

      Crafted for Clarity and Control, while Eliminate tedious chart hopping with this single interface that brings

      •  Last Bar Close: Instantly recognize bullish or bearish dominance with clear visual indicators.
        • VWAP: Track price above or below the Volume Weighted Average Price for optimal entry and exit timing.
        • Momentum: Identify both bullish and bearish surges with immediate visual cues.
        • Trend: Gain instant clarity on the prevailing market direction, be it bullish or bearish.
        • RSI: Pinpoint oversold and overbought zones with precise numerical readings.
        • MACD: Leverage Moving Average Convergence Divergence to grasp underlying momentum shifts
        • Market Meter: Understand the overall market climate with indicators for sideways trends, strong trends, and bull/bear dominance.

      Dynamic VWAP

      This innovative approach redefines the traditional Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) by reengineering its measurement and interpretation. Our revolutionary VWAP goes beyond mere averaging, dynamically reacting to price action to illuminate high-precision clarity zones. These zones empower traders to unlock powerful new trading advantages:

        • True Support and Resistance: Ditch the ambiguity of traditional static levels. Our VWAP zones pinpoint areas where price is likely to pause or reverse, enabling accurate entry and exit decisions.
        • Directional Clarity: No more guesswork about impending trends. Our VWAP indicators clearly reveal whether price is poised to break through or bounce off the zone, providing directional confirmation for your trading strategies.
        • Optimal Support Strategies: Forget generic support tactics. Our VWAP-derived zones provide the foundation for precise, highly-effective support strategies that maximize your trading edge.
        • Automated Trend Lines: Eliminate the subjectivity of manual trendline drawing. Our VWAP zones seamlessly convert into dynamic trend lines, adapting to evolving price action and offering a clear roadmap for market navigation.

            Ultimate Trend Range

            Ultimate Trend stands as your beacon in the ever-shifting landscape, unveiling the true underlying trend with remarkable precision.

            "In lower timeframes, it reigns supreme as the ultimate support indicator for Trend Catcher Buy & Sell strategies. Its accurate trend identification provides a rock-solid foundation for your entry and exit decisions."

            "In higher timeframes, exceeding 1H, Ultimate Trend unveils its true power. It transforms into a sophisticated tool for deciphering the broader market sentiment. Its ability to eliminate false breakouts based on subtle color changes grants you unmatched confidence in discerning the true direction of the market."

            Ultimate Trend is about about cultivating profound market understanding. It empowers you to:

              • Make informed trading decisions, backed by the weight of true trend confirmation.
              • Refine your trading strategies with the confidence of accurate market direction.
              • Break free from the confusion of false breakouts and trade with unwavering conviction.

                  Alpha FX-Dash Management

                  FX-Dash Management System empowers traders with cutting-edge technology designed for accuracy, user experience, and advanced scalability. Built with scalping in mind, this scanner and execution platform effortlessly handles up to 28 currency pairs, delivering key market insights directly to your fingertips.

                  Advanced Features for Superior Trading:

                  Multi-Pair Scanning: Monitor up to 28 currency pairs simultaneously, ensuring you never miss a beat.

                      1. Momentum Trend Visualization: Identify momentum across all timeframes for informed trading decisions.
                      2. High-Probability Signals: Leverage true RSI metrics and long-term trend analysis to gain clarity on potential market movements.
                      3. Seamless Trade Execution: Execute buy, sell, and close trades quickly and reliably with dedicated buttons
                      4. Pre-Configured Trade Management: Set desired lot sizes, profit targets, and stop-loss parameters for each pair, optimizing trade efficiency.
                      5. Daily Market Overview: Access daily highs and lows for each asset for informed analysis.
                      6. Market Sentiment Gauge: Assess buying and selling pressure with a visual percentage indicator, identifying dominant forces in the market.
                      7. Trading Session Awareness: Gain immediate insight into the active market session for each pair.
                      8. Performance Dashboard: Track your overall profit and loss, account balance, daily gains and losses, and win/loss ratios for comprehensive performance analysis.
                      9. Proactive Trade Signals: Green and red highlights pinpoint high-potential buy and sell opportunities, empowering you to capitalize on market movements confidently

                    FX-Dash Management System is not just a tool, it's a partner in your path to market mastery. Experience the difference today.

                             Advanced MFX Dashboard MT4

                            Trend Catcher is etc...

                             Automation Trading Bot

                            HFT Trading Bot

                            High-Frequency Trading Bot: Harnessing AI for Precision Profits

                            This powerful trading bot leverages cutting-edge AI technology to capitalize on ticker fluctuations with pinpoint accuracy. It excels in risk management, consistently delivering exceptional returns and facilitating effortless completion of HFT challenges.

                            Experience peace of mind knowing that our HFT bot guarantees either successful challenge completion or a complete refund of your fees. Eliminate the stress, time, and financial burden; trust our bot to deliver consistent, desirable results.

                            Key Features of HFT Series EA

                            1. Algorithmic Trading: The HFT EA designed to execute a large number of trades in fractions of a second. Our bot rely on complex algorithms and high-speed connections to analyze market data, identify trading opportunities, and place orders almost instantaneously.
                            2. Order Management: Buy and Sell stop orders with ticker execution. 
                            3. Risk Management: Low risk with no risk involve for prop firm challenges.
                            4. Drawdown Control: A significant advantage of this EA is the ability to trade within seconds and trade from tick-to-tick, with drawdown less than 0.02%, which make this bot perfect for HFT prop firms.
                            5. Multi-Currency Operation: Programmed to work with the following trading pairs – BTCUSD, US30, DJ30, and GER30 

                            Fully Optimzed

                            Deep analysis backtest for best optimal settings

                            Speed & Time

                            100% Passing Rates-1h-12H Max For Passing HFT Prop Firms

                            Highly Accurate

                            Measurable profit ratio of 100%

                            FX-Series Bot

                            Alpha Forex AI Trading Bot leverages advanced algorithms to identify momentum-based trends in the foreign exchange market, enabling proactive trading decisions driven by in-depth analysis. Prioritizing accuracy and risk management, this AI-powered system avoids practices like margin calls, grid trading, and other potentially risky strategies. Compatible with all brokers, it thrives on low spreads and minimal account balances, starting at just $50.

                            Key Features of FX-Series

                            1. Algorithmic Trading: The FX-Series EA core is built on algorithms that open orders based on market momentum/trend and aim to close them profitably.
                            2. Order Management: If orders fail to meet profit goals promptly, the system activates a strategy to find an exit, potentially closing orders at a small profit, a minor loss, or breakeven.
                            3. Risk Management: Non Margintale, Grid, or any unsafe methods
                            4. Drawdown Control: A significant advantage of this EA is its advanced drawdown control system. It calculates StopLoss for all orders, ensuring the drawdown does not exceed a specified level. This system is touted as safer and more reliable than manual market closings.
                            5. Multi-Currency Operation: Programmed to be versatile and can be optimized for any currency pair.
                            6. Account Requirement: $50 and Low spread brokers. 

                            Fully Optimzed

                            Deep analysis backtest for best optimal settings

                            Passive Income

                            Sustainable 2% to 20% Monthly Roi

                            Highly Accurate

                            Measurable profit ratio of 71% to 74%

                            GX-Series Bot

                            The GX-Series Gold Trading Bot is designed specifically for XAUUSD trading. Recognizing the inherent volatility and unpredictability of the market, we developed a bot that adapts to changing conditions and strives to deliver optimal results. Importantly, the GX-Series eschews unsafe methods like GRID and MARGINTALE, prioritizing security and stability.
                            Features:  Auto Trades with pre-set stop lost and take profit levels. With Smart Trading Enable that allow our Gold EA to excel in performance, yet still protect your account from not over stretching the lots uses, multiplying trades, or any risky methods that put your account at risk.  It's Based on Momentum, Trend analysis, and smart AI technology that enable our bot to deliver sustainable results. While we don't guranteed performance as nothing is 100% but with careful risk measure, lot control, and smart trade entries, GX-Series Bot deliver on its core achievement. 

                            BOT IS STILL IN BETA MODE: We're carefully "Forward Testing" for best optimized results and data analysis for future tunes and upgrades.

                            Fully Optimzed

                            24 Years Back Tested For Optmized Performance 

                            Passive Income

                            Sustainable 2% to 50% Monthly Roi

                            Highly Accurate

                            Measurable profit ratio of 70% to 85%

                            GET STARTED

                            Plans & Pricing




                            $ 49.99

                            $ 39.99


                            Save $10

                            • NTrend Catcher
                            • NSniperX1 Momentum Oscillator
                            • NTrend Dashboard
                            • NMarket Pulse Concept
                            • NScalperX2 Advanced Trading
                            • NWorld Class Support



                            3 MONTHS ACCESS

                            $ 120.99

                            $ 100.99


                            Save $30

                            • NTrend Catcher
                            • NSniperX1 Momentum Oscillator
                            • NTrend Dashboard
                            • NMarket Pulse Concept
                            • NScalperX2 Advanced Trading
                            • NWorld Class Support



                            12 MONTHS ACCESS

                            $ 479.99

                            $ $400.99


                            Save $70

                            • NTrend Catcher
                            • NSniperX1 Momentum Oscillator
                            • NTrend Dashboard
                            • NMarket Pulse Concept
                            • NScalperX2 Advanced Trading
                            • NWorld Class Support




                            $ 100.99

                            $ 89.99


                            Save 20 $

                            • NAll Premium Indicators
                            • NSniperX2 Oscillator
                            • NVIP Chat Room
                            • NForex Trading Bot
                            • NVPS Hosting On US
                            • NMFX Dashboard MT4

                            VIP QUARTERLY


                            3 Months Access

                            $ 269.99

                            $ 249.99


                            Save $40

                            • NAll Premium Indicators
                            • NSniperX2 Oscillator
                            • NVIP Chat Room
                            • NForex Trading Bot
                            • NVPS Hosting On Us
                            • NMFX Dashboard MT4

                            VIP Yearly


                            12 months access

                            $ 1079.99

                            $ 979.99


                            Save $100

                            • NAll Premium Indicators
                            • NSniperX2 Oscillator
                            • NVIP Chat Room
                            • NForex Trading Bot
                            • NVPS Hosting On Us
                            • NMFX Dashboard MT4



                            ONE TIME PAYMENT
                            $ 899.99

                            $ 799.99


                            Save $100
                            • NTrend Catcher
                            • NSniperX1 Momentum Oscillator
                            • NTrend Dashboard
                            • NMarket Pulse Concept
                            • NScalperX2 Advanced Trading
                            • NWorld Class Support



                            ONE TIME PAYMENT
                            $ 2,750.99

                            $ 1999.99


                            Save $750.99
                            • NAll Premium Indicators
                            • NSniperX2 Oscillator
                            • NAlpha MFX-Dashboard MT4
                            • NForex Trading Bot
                            • NFree VPS Hosting (Using Our Dedicated Server)
                            • N1-On-1 Support Any Time

                            1-0N-1 COACHING


                            one time payment
                            $ 2,000

                            $ 1,500


                            Save $1,300
                            • N3 Months Training 1-on-1 or Group Setting
                            • NPrivate or Group Trainings
                            • NFree 12 Months Premium Access
                            • N20% Off for VIP & Lifetime Purchase
                            • N24/5 Support with Q&A
                            • NWeekly Call Teaching

                            HAVE SOME QUESTIONS ?

                            Does Alpha Indicators Repaint?

                            All Alpha Indicators does not repaint and work perfectly as intended

                            Can I switch between Membership?
                            Yes, you can switch from Premium to VIP or to Lifetime at anytime. All you need to do is to ensure you cancle your current membership (premium for example) before the 30th day (You can cancle by loggin into account, using the email/psw you setup when you placed your order in begining. If you have issue, you can connect with us via Discord or Telegram (links on top of our website or at the end of the website) or email us at Once you done that, you can subscribe to the next membership.
                            Are Alpha Indicators/Strategies Backtested?

                            “Our strategies and indicators are rigorously backtested using extensive historical data across diverse market conditions, ensuring their objectivity and effectiveness. Additionally, we actively implement them in live trading environments to further refine and validate their performance in real-world scenarios.”

                            What Markets does Alpha Indicators/Strategies work best with ?

                            All of our markets such as Forex, Crypto, Indies, and Currencies. 

                            Can I pass Funded Account using Alpha Algo Strategies/indicators?

                            Our indicators and strategies are designed to empower traders of all levels to make informed decisions and potentially improve their trading results, thus enable passing of 25K,50K,100K, 200K Challenges using our indicators/strategies.

                            Do you accept Credit cards and crypto?

                            Yes, we accept both payments. Please contact us via discord or telegram if using cryptocurrency

                            Is Alpha Support better then everyone else?

                            We prioritize exceptional customer support, consistently exceeding the industry standard through fast response times, dedicated support channels, and a relentless focus on customer satisfaction. Our data speaks volumes, with 98% of members reporting positive experiences and numerous testimonials praising our responsiveness and expertise. We consider our members valued partners in our community, and their success is our ultimate reward.

                            How do I pay?
                            You can click on any of the plans above and it will direct to payment processing partner.
                            What time frames best with indicators?
                            Our indicators work on all time frames but we suggest beginners to use 5 minutes and above.
                            How to access indicators ?

                            Upon completing your payment, please enter your TradingView ID during checkout. This will ensure seamless access to the program as soon as processing is complete. For ongoing support and community engagement, we encourage you to join our Discord server or Telegram group, accessible through the links provided. Additionally, our ‘How-To-Guide’ tab located on the navigation bar features comprehensive guides for immediate reference.

                            How long does access take once payment is complete?

                            Upon successful payment processing, you will gain access to the program within 24 hours. For additional support and community engagement, we encourage you to join our Discord server or Telegram group.

                            Can Alpha Indicators be used with free tradingview account?

                            Recognizing that premium TradingView plans may not be accessible to everyone, we’ve created a groundbreaking solution. We’ve meticulously combined multiple powerful indicators into a single, comprehensive package, empowering our users with diverse trading strategies without requiring additional financial investment in premium plans. This innovative approach democratizes access to sophisticated tools and unlocks a world of opportunity for traders of all levels.

                            Where to get training videos or guides?

                            Comprehensive training resources are readily available on our Discord server. Simply navigate to the dedicated “Education Start Here” section to access a wealth of informative videos and comprehensive walkthroughs designed to guide you through your trading journey.

                            How accurate are Alpha Indicators/strategies ?

                            Our indicators are born from over 12 years of real-world trading experience, forged by seasoned traders who have faced both triumphs and tribulations in the market. This unique perspective fuels our relentless innovation, resulting in highly accurate and effective trading tools. We set ourselves apart by rigorously backtesting our indicators against diverse market conditions, employing them in daily prop firm challenges, and subjecting them to thorough demo testing. This unwavering commitment to quality over quantity ensures you receive products honed for consistent day-to-day profitability.