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“ Our Indicators are created by Real TradersFor Traders. Everything we created at Alpha Trades are backtested in Real Markets”

-We remove complexity and offer simplicity
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  • Market Pulse Concept
  • SniperX1 Oscilattor
  • VWAP Strategy
  • SniperX1 Osc
  • Market Trend Dashboard
Say Hello To Profitable
With our AI Bot

Sniper AI Pro, the preeminent scalping bot globally renowned for its expertise
in lower time frame scalping, notably the 1-minute interval. Its primary focus lies
in the gold market, consistently delivering exceptional accuracy and profitable
outcomes. This advanced tool boasts built-in risk management features,
including an automated trailing stop-loss mechanism and comprehensive trend
analysis capabilities.

Fully Optimzed

Deep analysis backtest for best optimal settings

Passive Income

Sustainable 2% to 4% Monthly Roi

Highly Accurate

Measurable profit ratio of 71% to 74%

“ Alpha Trades is dedicated to setting itself apart by offering top-tier
customer support and expert guidance. Our commitment to excellence
is evident through our round-the-clock availability, well-defined strategy
instructions, and comprehensive guides. Furthermore, our overarching
goal is to establish ourselves as the premier choice, and the ideal starting
point is within our vibrant and supportive community.”
Plans & Pricing
Does Alpha Indicators Repaint?
All Alpha Indicators does not repaint and work perfectly as intended
Can I switch between Membership?
Yes, you can switch from Premium to VIP or to Lifetime at anytime. All you need to do is to ensure you cancle your current membership (premium for example) before the 30th day (You can cancle by loggin into account, using the email/psw you setup when you placed your order in begining. If you have issue, you can connect with us via Discord or Telegram (links on top of our website or at the end of the website) or email us at Once you done that, you can subscribe to the next membership.
Are Alpha Indicators/Strategies Backtested?
Yes, all our strategies and indicators are backtested. We used live trading as our way to backtest and proof our indicators accuracy. We believe that by trading in real live enviroments, we can demonstrate the true accuracy and affectiveness of our indicators. Our results and live trades are available publicly via this link
What Markets does Alpha Indicators/Strategies work best with ?
All of our Indicators/Strategies work on all Markets and Time Frames.
Can I pass Funded Account using Alpha Algo Strategies/indicators?
While we dont make guranteed claims but we have members that passed 25K,50K,100K, 200K Challneges using our indicators/strategies. If you want to see proofs, please swing over to our discord and check out our profit logs
Do you accept Credit cards and crypto?
Yes, we accept both payments. Please contact us via discord or telegram if using cryptocurrency
Is Alpha Support better then everyone else?
We strive to deliver world class customer support. Most, if not all our members are enjoying our on-point support. No questions are left un answers and we value everyone not as a customer but as a brother/a valueable family member in our community. Your success is our success..
How do I pay?
You can click on any of the plans above and it will direct to payment processing partner.
What time frames best with indicators?
Our indicators work on all time frames but we suggest beginners to use 5 minutes and above.
How to access indicators ?
Once paid, please input your tradingview ID at checkout and then join our discord or telegram links for support. You can also click on How-To-Guide tab on our navigation bar for immediate guides
How long does access take once payment is complete?
Once we recieve the payment, it will take less than 24 hours for access. We do recommend to join our discord or telegram for additional support
Can Alpha Indicators be used with free tradingview account?
Yes, you can use free tradingview account when using our indicators.
Where to get training videos or guides?

All videos and guides are saved in our discord channel. Please visit our discord and all training videos and walkthroughts will be under “Beginners Start here” channel.

How accurate are Alpha Indicators/strategies ?

Are indicators are highly accurate and many of our members are making daily gains and passing Funded challenge programs

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